Aubry Padmore is a strategic, inventive thinker who possesses the capacity to speak positive into the lives of others. Born a mute in the Island of Barbados, Aubry developed an entrepreneurial mind at an early age that allowed him to become self-employed in the agro business while in high school. He also spent a lot of time in civic organizations such as 4H and Boy Scouts, and was quite active in his local church at an early age.

He developed an online radio station and partnered with many other media organizations. His creative mind propelled him into community media while living in NY and planted one of the first production companies in the US managed by twenty-five other producers, while working as Supervising Court Aide in NY State Courts.

Following his departure from the court system Aubry became a consultant, coach, trainer, and speaker. The most valuable tool he created to help entrepreneurs has been his ongoing bootcamp where students learn how to take their idea from concept to practice and monetization.