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An incredible family of entrepreneurs: Coach Shanie Ellis and her husband Gregory are the “Power Couple.” Their son Bakarai Ellis is a young entrepreneur who has established his own T-Shirt business. Coach Shanie’s “Health Shop” and Gregory’s “Hair Force One” barbershop form the core family businesses as a foundation for their business dynasty.


Fantastic Friday 115”

with Dr. Herbert Harris and Aubry Padmore.

Topic – “Don’t let confusion steal your knowledge.




@An Entrepreneural Model at Work
@How to Build a Sustainable Music Career
@Enthusiam Will Balance Your Day
@Attitude & Self-image is Gold in the Cyber World
@Be Good for Your Word in the Virtual World
@Streaming for Community Empowerment & Development
@Customer care in Cyberspace is Essential
@Kindness is a Virtual Reality
@The Power of One Equals Two
@Associate with People at Your Mental Level & Above
@Navigating Your Virtual Space
@3 Steps to Elevating Your Space
@How to Manage Human Capital Value Aspirations
@Ten Practical Steps to Reimagine Your Manhood in a Virtual Environment
@I Am Thankful for Our Existence
@Perfection is a Matter for the Heart
@Acknowledge God Within You
@How to Be Unbothered When Others Fear Your Light
@Everything and Nothing Matters in 2020
@Three Ways to Step Into the Essence of Spiritual Royalty
@Remembering the True Essence of the Creator
@How to Apply Universal Love
@Three Reasons Spirituality is Your Key in the Current Paradigm Shift
@Three Ways to Attract More Money Using Spiritual Principles
@How to Allow Divine Grace to Activate More Spiritually
@How to Spiritually Declutter Your Mind and Heart for Prosperity
@Love Was the First App
@Be the Rock of Your Salvation in Concert with God
@Mother's Day Special
@Are You Still Standing?
@How is Your Spirit in the Village?
@Anchor Your Life in Love
@You Are the Spirit in the Village
@Father's Day Special
@Towards a Spirit of Freedom
@The Power of Purpose of Your Place in the Community
@My Faith and Substance = Resiliency

@The Message is in the Music
@Guest: Athena Lucene
@Support Your Vision in Difficult Times. Mindset Matters!
@Have the Courage to Care For Yourself and Others
@The Accusatory Statement in Heaven!
@Rethinking How You Think As An Immunity Booster
@Your Attitude of Attendance Inside the Vision
@Good Men Cry!

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