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Over the last nine months I have been reflecting on the way forward. January hospitalization was not on my bucket list but life happens. I will speak later on what happened, how my mental toughness saved my life and what I have been up to since then.


The people in this room, here now, and those who left were important to me. To this end, I started the room to share stories and also engage in the act of empowering others. I have been excited to see the posts and sharing of your vision and truly am grateful for your skillset and sharing.


Family is not the house you were born into and neither the blood lineage of people who you shared that home with. Family is the people who are familiar with you, your vision, goals and acts of sustainability in life and legacy.

Some of you I consider family, all of you are relatives in some way shape or form. I pray for your business and family daily on automation. So much so that when things begin to happen for you I can smile and keep moving with even more gratitude and a sustained heart.

Sometimes I apologize for what I say because I truly speak from the heart and I am unapologetic for my thinking. My thinking is fueled by thinkanomics, not just vague memoirs of thought. What benefits me should also be a seed of equal or greater benefit to you. This is the sum total of my daily thoughts concerning the members of this room.

Some left because of unexplained reasons, In some cases, I could see those who left on a spiritual level and thus know why. In later days and even years, those spiritual levels are confirmed by the outcome of their life. I am amazed by you, in the event I never told you; that is the core of my sharing and caring. Continue to climb and be a help to each other. Go for the gold as Kirk Brown's music suggests. Thank all of you for being here. Work in this last quarter to find out who is here and how you can be a help to each other.

.. . sincerely yours. . .


2021 blogs


Take a break

Sharing my innermost thoughts in a blog has been difficult, to say the least. Between thinking all the things that need to be done and the restraints or constraints of covid19 has been thought-provoking.

I paused the other day and took a break from all the negative environmental conditions surrounding me locally, and indeed internationally. I literally stopped thinking about all the noise regarding covid19, job loss, death, who hates who in today's or yesterday's newsfeed.

Looking back, I would truly say I gave myself the right to take a break and a promise to pause whenever I believe I need a break. How did I actually do that is not a mystery. Taking a second look at how to relax your mind is a lesson taken from my book "Quote Notes, 40 Quotes for Successful Living", and has been a great support to my mindset and ability to remain resilient in the middle of this 2021 storm.

Every day, I have to remind myself of my blessings. Health has always been my number one priority. The second thing is to be thankful for simply being here, existing, and refreshing my thinking to bring a sense of relaxation, minding the needs of my body. When I actively feel tense I pause and relax my muscles. Simply being an active listener to the relaxation of my mind and spirit have proven to be reinvigorating.

I encourage you to take a break, and while taking a break truly relax and rekindle your space.


For women everywhere


International Women's Day 2021 is in full swing around the globe. I want to thank all the women locally and internationally for their existence in the world and the home we call Earth. In other words, THANK YOU FOR LIVING!!!

Throughout my speaking career, I have had the fortune of addressing women. I am not quite sure why women have become such a prevalent part of my speaking and coaching program, but I consider it a privilege. A few years ago I volunteered to start an event called "Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives Conference" usually held in March to commemorate IWD.






Truths and blossoms



A new year has begun and it has moved quite swiftly into three months already. My mom died in January, twelve days after my birthday and seven days prior to her 90th birthday. The last time I saw her was in October 2016 when I flew home to check in with her after I told her of the passing of her grand-daughter Krystal. That visit gave her a chance to express her feelings on many fronts and share many aspects of her previous life, inclusive of her feelings about my father. I spent more time listening than speaking because when someone is sharing you should let them empty their thoughts. I left knowing that we had a clear mind and heart towards each other. She had always told me 'Never let confusion steal my knowledge.'  I am thankful for that quote because it has become my backbone in the midst of chaotic times such as the one in which we live.


Spring will be here soon. I can already feel the energy in the air and the soothing culture of hope in an otherwise fragmented season of Covid19. I have been traveling more in the undiscovered country of my internal mind. I suppose my mind is also blossoming as it springs forward with great fervor and hope for a new tomorrow.  In January I spoke at the inaugural Caribbean celebration for the incoming VP-Elect now Vice President, Kamala Harris of the United States, and February reprised a speaking engagement for Black History Month for Cornerstone Ministries Inc., COGIC. Thank you to James and Patricia Wallace! 


As a people, from what I have seen, we have cultivated a space where fear and the unknown rule our very own life. We must begin an actual dialogue and reconstruct a belief system that honors all of humankind if we are to make it through another two thousand years. I guess this is a way of experiencing another negative progression in our life. I have decided never to take part in classism, hate, greed, envy, and anxiety. For one thing, those elements as they present themselves are quite boring and not amusing. I would rather give my mind a peaceful place to live so I can be emotionally and practically comfortable.


In closing, I have promised myself to write more in 2021, finish that autobiography, and make a short movie. I am well on my way on all fronts. Teach more, learn more, save the world.





2020 blogs




When you teach...Learn!



My first speaking engagement at church revealed some interesting things about myself and the audience. I was young, impulsive, hungry for knowledge, and understanding. My Sunday school teacher and I were always at headlock and I had enough of hearing repeat the same old religious notions. I wanted something I could sink my teeth into and own. She got tired of me one Sunday and told me if I don't like what she is teaching then I could teach. I saw the Pastor in the back of the room smiling. My Pastor had always been my first teacher and coach. She hardly needed to whip me; a stern look would end the conversation. Anyway, Sunday came and I spoke like a champion. I recall my friend Steve singing, he could sing like a brick house. The session was short but inspiring. One of the senior members of the congregation came over and whispered to me. She said, "Young man, continue to speak and never stop." I was pleasantly surprised because I needed that one moment in time where someone would reassure me I was on the right path. At that moment, I learned that by sharing my inner self through teaching and speaking, I answered the call for the ones who were silent but unwilling to say "I am tired of the same old conversation. I will always remember this senior person because she believed in me for over a lifetime. She recently passed away at the ripe old age of 112. It's amazing how I moved my voice from the inner circle of my spirited mind to the outer sanctum of civilization. There is something to be said for being born mute.


I have been always been an avid learner. Well, except for that time when the headmaster at Primary School took a strap to my rear end. Anyway, My first teaching position was in my head. I learned from my internal character that I had a power value and if things didn't add up I needed to take action. In retrospect, I took it upon myself to create reciprocity between my learning mind and teaching model. Today, I am a natural teacher and continue to learn, share, grow, and become even more authentic in my life than anticipated.


I came to terms that teaching and learning required reciprocity from the student. When you teach it is important to immediately understand what the student heard and translated. The nodding of the head is significant but does not truly answer the confirming question of if they truly interpreted what you anticipated they were being taught. I have always been told that I am different and that came from strangers. Today, I stand before you to digitally let you know that your mindset matters. Owning content learned and challenging the knowledge before you through experience is the starting point for all success in the changing course of time.


Today I am an experiential educator that uses faith-based methods of the mind to speak life into the people I serve as a leader. When I say faith-based I mean the belief system that is part of your natural gifting as a procreator in the universe. No religious affiliation intended.


To learn more about me visit I am Virtually Yours during Covid19 for speaking engagements and experiential learning in preparation for you to win inside chaotic circumstances. I teach a workshop based on experiential learning and several of the program participants have succeeded in their endeavors.


 I am who I say I am.


"Manage the waves of your imagination to support positive change."





Faith-based entrepreneur means self-sufficiency



When people hear I am a faith-based entrepreneur their mind immediately point to religion. My faith has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with my attitude of attendance on the earth and the value of my birth as part of the cosmos.


Growing up in Barbados I never really knew a lot about the history of the island. They taught us History and Geography along with many other great classes but I don't recall much of the focus on the indigenous people. After years of pursuit I recognize that the island and its people contributed much more globally than one would imagine. Faith, the invisible substantial controller, pointed me in many directions that have uncovered specifically who many of those people are and why it matters now and in the future.


My first interaction with the world required me to believe that one day I would understand the presence and meaning of my life on earth. When I was old enough to speak I began feeling the difference of my existence. My mind would wonder beyond everything and I kept going until my questions were partially answered. Over the years I have been criticized as being unrealistic in my thinking. Covid-19 revealed that many of my thoughts were indeed real. Now, those who thought I was unrealistic are calling to say, 'Man, you were right.'


Faith for me means that I know my Creator sees all the wonderful things I represent and the tremendous mind that does not just say I agree with you. I test the limits of every conversation. I drill down on psychology, philosophy and its meaning and purpose into actualization, because that is where faith showcases its support for my belief in self and management of the equity of others.


My goal has always been to sustain my knowledge with credible intel that will withstand the test of time. I never ask a question I don't want answered and never criticize unless I have a problem-solving strategy in mind.


In closing, honor your faith; it will indeed be the most resilient asset in your entrepreneur knapsack.






God said, "I got this."



I want to share a personal experience with you that may help someone here. The recent storm in Georgia caused a huge tree in the front yard to split the tree trunk near the porch.


I was awake for this experience because the wind was howling and everything was shaking. I was in crisis management mode as it relates to my evacuation plan. I could hear the tree splitting at its core and I was very concerned.


At that moment I heard a voice say, 'Aubry, don't worry, I got this.' Then I heard a very strong wind rush by as the tree was tearing away. The next thing I heard was a plop and the tree had fallen. The next morning I saw the tree on the lawn and knew that God had decided to continue what he has always done; watch my back.


Remember your role in the storms of life. Do good, love well, and continue to replenish your inheritance of bringing joy to God beyond all things. My work speaks for itself for forty plus years. Live well, continue to elevate. God controls the wind and all storms.


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